Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Solid Reason to Keep Your Phone on Silent***

I am a fiend for Missed Connections. They're a little romantic, plenty wistful, and the idea that you can have one of those brief little crushes that make your day makes mine. I've spent a considerable amount of time on public transportation in my life.  During that captive time on a train and/or a bus it's pretty easy to develop a crush on your co-riders. It's not about who that person really is, but rather the story you create around that person.  "He's carrying canvases!  I wonder if he's an artist."  "He's wearing absolutely ridiculous mittens! He would wear my craftsssssssss!"

Which is why I love Much like Missed Connections, it's romantic, wistful, and more than a little creepy. It's all guys right now, which, you know. Takes away that "Maybe I'll be on here!!" moment. It's cool though. For know I'll live for the day that I can say "I know that guy!!"

Looking through the vast diversity of the posted Transit Crushes, it also proves to me that there really is someone for everyone... we just may not know it.  So the next time you're on the El, enjoy the possibility that it may not just be the homeless guy not wearing any pants that thinks you're dreamy.
***You know. so they can't hear the photo sound when you surreptitiously take their picture while pretending to text someone. Also, you're on public transportation. Be respectful and shit. No one wants to hear your fart ringtone.

It's a Vagina, Right?

Floral Skull

So I was on Spoonflower today looking for skull fabrics... and I came across this design by lisa_godfrey. Don't get me wrong, she has some talent.  But this is ladyparts, right? I can't tell if I'm having a Freudian flashback to all of the Georgia O'Keeffe prints in every single therapist's office I've been in, or if this is intentional.

Also, good god, do I love Spoonflower. I've been on it for a couple of years now- it's a website that allows you to upload your own design and print it on a fabric.  It even allows you to edit your image (colors, repeat on the fabric, etc), which is nice if you're like me and don't have Corel or Photoshop and the like. 

There are some incredibly talented designers on there, creating individual designs and using this website as an opportunity to showcase their skill. Much like Zazzle, a designer is able to post their fabrics for sale, and earn a commission on each purchase.  I genuinely hope some previously unknown designers are getting some traction.

Then there are people like me. People who particularly enjoy the ability to break copyright law all over the place to make one of a kind fabric.  I'm not selling it though, so I think I'm in the clear. I JUST WANT TO MAKE A DR HORRIBLE QUILT IS THAT SO WRONG

drhorrible-light blue

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Lupercalia!

I have a terrible track record with Valentine's Day.  I don't hate it, but you know, I roll solo. And bitter things are funny. So, as we do each year, let's celebrate with!