Monday, March 1, 2010

I Haven't Completely Retired...

and I certainly don't mean to. But a girl gets busy, what can I say?? Sadly, it's only work, so it's not like I'm being whisked away to castles full of hot hockey players (my newest obsession- that Olympic game was exciting! AND filled with cuties!) by some tall handsome man that makes me feel like my head isn't absurdly large in pictures.

Anywho- you know I love my questionable products. If the infomercial can add an oddly suggestive air to a benign product, I'm all in. Introducing... the Hoodie Footie.

Fuck you, Snuggie, I'm moving on!!! (Marshmallow-soft fleece...sticky!) Anyone else reminded of the bunny costume from A Christmas Story?

And now for something I fully plan on buying- Pajama Jeans. I too want to have brass rivets, so I can look like I am styled by "some European designer"!!

Seriously though- these look super comfy. I might actually buy these.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

I would like to wear the jeans under the hoodie-footie AND a bump-it. I also enjoy that the lady in the hoodie-footie is trying to use a blanket made of crepe paper.