Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nice Ride.

Twin Lakes, Wisconsin- a tiny hamlet with excitement for all.

There is a flea market near Sissy and Big Bro's lake house that is truly an experience that shouldn't be missed. Not only is it your one stop shop for anything from a full set of BetaMax movies to terrifying clown dolls, but I have seen, on more than one occasion, a truly impressive set of truck balls (Not familiar? Why, you have hardly lived a full life. Check it out.) in the parking lot, and there's a lady that drives around in a golf cart selling to-go Fuzzy Navels and Bloody Mary's. You never want for entertainment and strange used things from other people's homes.

When Big Bro showed this picture he took at last weekend's flea market to me last night, I had to share immediately.

Cute kid, right? (Gladiator sandals! They're EVERYWHERE!) Let's pull back on the scene.

All together... awwwwwwww. And... hahaha! I mean, That little girl has gotta be just out of the stroller herself- in my imagination, they take turns pushing each other. Still- let's pull out on the whole scene, shall we?
I like to think that the look in Grandma #1's eyes here is a little jealousy upon seeing the set-up that Grandma #2 is rockin'.

Let's look at that sweet ride one more time.

I always used to envision myself as a silly old lady tooling around on a lollipop-colored scooter wearing a crazy big helmet like The Great Gazoo, but I think I have just gotten a glimpse at my future destiny.

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catfish said...

someday I hope you bring me here, even if its not until we are as old as the ladies in the post...*whimsical sigh*