Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Want to Take Your Place, JLo!

Lenny Kravitz, JLo (who is clearly sitting in my spot), Bradley Cooper, my girlfriend Christina Hendricks and NPH?! WHAT?!? According to the Daily Mail, this momentous event of awesome took place at the Tommy Hilfiger show over the weekend for Fashion Week. I won't lie, I'm a little jealous, even though I never liked Tommy Hilfiger. It's probably best I'm not there, because I have every confidence that I would make a total ass of myself. I'd be trying to hold Bradley Cooper's hand and making weird noises to attract NPH's attention... and possibly reaching behind that guy with his head turned to pet Lenny Kravitz's closely shaven head.

It's generally best if I'm not allowed in public.

Side note: what the hell, Bradley Cooper? We need to discuss how you're buttoning that jacket.

So far, Fashion Week has been mostly normal. Granted, I haven't taken a look through the Couture Collections yet... always rife for strangeness.

All photos from the Daily Mail.

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