Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grab Your Hankies

The readers of this blog have surely heard of the It Gets Better Project, which stands up against bullying and advocacy for openly gay teens.

I love the project, not only for what it can give to young gay people, but really, what it can give to anyone that never fit in. As someone who jokes that her college was where the freaks and geeks of high school finally managed to find somewhere where they could fit in, I think that this project is so important in the digital world, where kids have literally no place where they can get away from their "social status", or whatever you want to call it. Facebook, texting, IM's, Skype, blogs, YouTube... none of this was around when I was in school. It was hard enough then, and I can't even imagine what it must be like to try and create your own self-image while facing constant speculation and judgment of who other people think you're supposed to be.

So I'm already a huge supporter of It Gets Better, and then this came along, by way of BFF. I made the mistake of watching this at work, and sobbed like a baby. It is so beautiful, and what a powerful message: the song starts with one man, and grows, and grows, and family and friends step in, all to show that it DOES GET BETTER.

Watch it, watch it again, and then share it.

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