Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Things Really Bring Out the Twelve Year Old In Me.

In my search for awesome quilting fabrics, I came across a really great site for Japanese prints, which are super well made and really, REALLY cute. The nieces, aka the petrie dishes, for their uncanny ability to make me sick every time I see them are getting some of these prints by Heather Ross in my over zealous forays into the world of quilting. The quilt tops are actually turning out pretty nice- you will get photos of them soon... unless they turn out horrible after I quilt them.
The website is called SuperBuzzy, and I love their variety. I also love that they posted this photo of this note pad, which puts a whole new spin on Little Red Riding Hood, don't you think? I am totally going to get this notepad- I totally hope that the story continues in this poorly translated form throughout the whole thing. It adds to how damned cute the pictures are, in my opinion.
BFF- I already know what you're thinking, and STOP. You aren't allowed to buy yourself anything from this website. I've got you covered, love.

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