Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Hero Doesn't Care If You're a Bunch of Scary, Alcoholic Bums

People do weird things in the name of assisting others.
I'm intrigued by a website that Sis-In-Law sent me, Pimp This Bum. It's filled with WTF's... not the least of which is the criminal overuse of Everlast's What You Like. I hate that f-ing song. At first glance, it looks like this website is just stripping these men of their dignity, but on closer inspection, it doesn't. In fact, they are treated like human beings, and the use of humor and shock value to grab people's attention certainly works.
I'm interested in documentarists... like naturalists, they never seem to get involved with their subject, hoping instead to remain objective. This is troubling to me; how do you not help someone on the street that you have been working with for months? I'm all for raising awareness, but how do you walk away?

Take a look. This is interesting.

Thanks to Sis-in-Law for the tip!

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Blogger Blogenstein said...

If he's tired of getting knocked down and he's willing to "stand up" again and again, why doesn't he use that motivation to go clean himself up and get a job? He's gotta get himself organazized;)