Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seriously...What Is Wrong With People In Florida?

A woman in Florida called 911 three times, after being told that her McDonald's ran out of McNuggets today, according to the Chicago Tribune:

"According to a police report, 27-year-old Fort Pierce resident Latreasa L. Goodman told authorities she paid for a 10-piece last week but was later informed the restaurant had run out.She says employees refused to give her a refund, saying all sales were final. A cashier told police she offered Goodman a larger portion of different food for the same price, but Goodman became irate."

By the way, does this say she paid for these nuggets LAST WEEK?! WTF? I can't tell if that's just shoddy grammar and the event happened last week, or if she paid last week and is claiming her nuggets today.

In Latreasa's defense, I can see a certain loyal Fonzipan reader (who shall go nameless) getting this upset if someone gets between her and her fried gizzards at Brown's Chicken. I made that mistake once. I now type with one hand.

EDIT: The 911 calls. Blog bless Youtube.

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