Monday, March 16, 2009

What Has Two Thumbs and Is Super Excited? THIS GAL!

Loyal Ladies of the Embarrassing Twilight Fandom, as of 12:00 AM March 21 (AKA this Friday/Saturday night), we will be able to feed our need in the relative peace and isolation of our homes.

If you've avoided Twilight thus far because you just couldn't bring yourself to show face at the theater, never fear. Birv will have her copy... probably as of 12:01 AM. You can come over and watch it with me. I'll never tell. Stay tuned for a review of the extra features. I feel obligated.

Photos courtesy of the new issue of GQ. Go see it here.

I won't ask why this picture looks so awkward. I will merely say "oh, to be a glove upon that hand..."


Cathy said...

Why is it that the one of him smoking is the one in which I find him the HOTTEST MAN ALIVE? And with the time difference I might just have Twilight before you!

Joanna said...

I have a pic of R.P. smoking as my wallpaper on my computer at work. And Beth, I too am twelve years old when it comes to good ol' R.P. Frankly, Adam is annoyed.