Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dancing Thursdays Has a New SPONTANEOUS Public Dance!

That's right, Fonzipanners... we all know I love me some flash mobs. One question... why can't flashmob producers learn to operate a freaking camera? You're clearly planning this well in advance. Take some time to scope out some good locations for hidden cameras. Plus, there's this thing called a ZOOM lens... use it! This is a promotion that occurred in Times Square last week to promote Chris Kattan's new show on IFC, Bollywood Hero. Is he Indian? Whatever. Apparently he plays himself as he goes to Mumbai for a leading role in a Bollywood film.

Sorta wish I got IFC... that looks like it has promise. Plus, now that we have a few weeks between So You Think You Can Dance seasons (September 9th!), I have a glaring hole in my Wednesday and Thursday night tv schedules. You can only watch so many re-run episodes of House to fill the void.

While we're on the subject of So You Think You Can Dance... I think we've all watched the finale... what did you all think? Once Janette was out of the running for top 4, I lost my vote for number one. I wanted a girl to win, as in the 5 years the show's been running, there was only one female winner, the deserving Sabra. So in one respect, I was happy to see versatile, though less talented Jeanine win.

Let's be honest- Janette should have won. She had the personality, the talent and (I thought) the following to win it all...however, I think the judges praise lost her the crown. Once someone starts becoming a star in the judges eyes, it's like they lose their shine for the audience.

All in all, I'm glad Evan didn't win. He was so outmatched on the stage, and I think even he knew it.

In honor of Janette, my favorite dance with her in it is below, a glaring omission from the finale's recap of the best dances of the season.


Cathy said...

Not only have you planned this dance in advance, but it's stunt to promote a show with a PRODUCTION COMPANY! Let's pool our resources here, folks.

cat-fish said...

2 things... first, that spontaneous mob dance did not leave me with chills as the others did, because the other ones were done so well - before, it literally looked like a bunch of people in a crowd started dancing - this one, however, was complete with costume and a gigantic sign of Chris Kattan's new show - duh, of course this is to promote his new show, move on... (that's what I would say if I were a passerby). And I agree about the shoddy camera work.

Next, I agree Jeanette should have won the SYTYCD - I was shocked (as seen in a previous comment) when she was voted off. I think that might have been the week cancerdance threw the whole thing out of whack. So who knows what will happen with that show. Jeannine is a good dancer, but she was just meh in my eyes. I actually would have rathered Brandon won, but glad a chick got it, I suppose :P Hopefully the next season will be more satisfying on a more regular basis, and my fave will make it to the top 4!