Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is "Twi-Babies: The Animated Series" Cartoon Coming Next?'s StyleWatch is showing us the true extent of Twi-fever... Barbie has now gotten a piece of the pie with Edward and Bella (she kind of just looks like a regular Barbie!) dolls, at $25 a pop, available November 1st. It's like action figures for goth kids! I do like that Ken... er... Edward has the sexhair, although it looks like it's just molded plastic. How are the kiddies going to run their grubby fingers through it?

Emo non-threatening undead love is also low-hanging fruit for Hallmark, who have a series of greeting cards covering all the important vampire holidays... Valentines Day, Halloween (!) and Birthdays.

E! Online shows the line here: please go take a look so you can see "Let's go trick or treating in Forks, Washington! I hear there's a lot of eye-candy there!"


cat-fish said...

thats awesome - i like how skinny and pale he is - do they also package it with a vial of fake blood so you can reenact feeding scenes?

Birv said...

It comes with fake blood and self-loathing.