Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dancing Thursday's Triumphant Return!

I alternate between loving this (that guy's dancing!!) and bemusement at the reality that humans are mostly sheep. I especially love the people that rush over to be joiners AFTER THE SONG IS OVER.

Since this one makes me feel a little dirty inside for posting it, I have to also post my favorite dance from last year's So You Think You Can Dance... the actual dance starts at 1:19, and made me squeal with delight and text BFF: "BOLLYWOOD! THEY'RE DOING BOLLYWOOD!" PS... they pick the new top 20 tonight!! SPOILERS AFTER THE VIDEO...

I am at a total loss for who they're going to pick, most of my favorites from this tryout season were cut (some shockingly! Natalie?! WTF), so I don't even know who to root for.

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