Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You May Be Looking In The Wrong Place

As found in the Craiglist Lost & Found Section:

All reason to Live (Earth, as it is...)

Reply to:comm-as7tf-1195178839@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-05-29, 12:50PM CDT

I lost it, my reason for living. My drive, my compassion, my self worth. I sit here, at this desk, knowing full well that my brain is turning to an even larger puddle of quivering nothing as we speak. Yes, in these troubled times, I should be grateful that I have a job. Here I am, 50 years old, attractive, single, realtively clean smelling!! And I have lost my reason for living!!! I am a sheep, a wanderer. Ever get off of the train in the morning, simply following th rest of the lost sheep through Chicago. Baa Baa, it could be worse. It could still be Janurary. Then it's the following of the frozen sheep, declaring, "When the fuck is it going to warm up?'. It did, but I still feel like a mindless sheep, following a line to drab, dull, desperate.

If it wasnt for the fifth in my desk, the hot messenger, and the fingertip vibrator in my desk drawer, I dont know what I would do. Jump I guess.

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