Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spontaneous Sound of Music!!!!

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I PEED A LITTLE BIT!!!! Sound of Music and spontaneous public dancing? Is this heaven??

Considering I still can't really move without immense amounts of either pain or Vicoden, this was much needed today. I was a cranky bitch yesterday, hence no posting. Plus I am not clever and couldn't think of any good April Fool's jokes. It's tough when the pressure's on.

But this. This!! So glorious. I'm moving to Europe. Those people have a sense of humor.


cat-fish said...

Yeah! Why can't they do this stuff in America? This would be an awesome excuse to be running late, which I always am anyway...

Sorry about your back! I hope you are feeling better soon! :)

Cathy said...

I am crying! CRYING! Because this made me so happy!