Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Not?

These aren't photoshopped. I can't decide if I would rather they were, or to know that the stylist spent FOUR HOURS of his life on each horse.
According to the Daily Mail, it's all advertising photographer Julian Wolkenstein's fault:
Julian hit on the idea of experimenting with horses' hair during a chat with a fellow advertising pal.
'The idea for these images came from a discussion with a friend who said, 'Hey wouldn't it be fun to shoot horses with big hair?',' says Sydney-born Julian, 36.
'It is important to do personal projects just for fun, not to sell anything, but just to remind you why you make images, but mostly, and simply, to make you smile.'
I'm hoping there's more than three... humor comes in numbers here.

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cat-fish said...

Pretty. It's like My Little Pony come to life.