Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Stomp!*" is Stoopid.

As if I even needed another reason to love David Rakoff, author of Don't Get Too Comfortable. That's him what talks of the coalition of the willing. How does one tell a successful author that an anonymous blogger in another state (i.e. ME) wants to be his best friend?

Hope he does Google searches on himself. Then again, would I want to be friends with someone who Googled himself? What a conundrum.

PS- this has some NSFW language. Since I have a sneaking suspicion Sis-in-law and Also Beth may not know what NSFW means, that stands for Not Safe For Work. No judgment implied if you DID know what it means, I just know neither of you are quite the net-surfing geeks I am.

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Cathy said...

"The best part of being in love is not being alone."