Monday, January 12, 2009

Birv Does NOT Love the 80's.

That's not entirely true... I loved the 80's when I lived them... IN THE 80's. However, there are certain unfortunate fashion trends that are being recycled. I'm not ok with it. Member's Only jackets? They're back.

Trolling through my January 2009 J Crew catalog, I came across a layout that had instructions for pinch rolling your jeans. This picture is on their website... RIGHT NOW.

What's next, the Suburban Claw?

The only trend I'll be rocking is slap bracelets, because I live for danger. Tetanus? Lockjaw? Bring it on. Screw those rubber bracelets, I'll be supporting my empty cause via strips of rusty steel.

Update: apparently you can still get slap bracelets... these religious-themed bracelets really can give the nuns a twofer, methinks: Jesus in your heart AND slapping your wrist. You can buy these by the dozen, so let me know if you want one, I'll totally hook you up.

BFF... party favors for the group trip to the Creation Museum? They may help us with our cover.

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