Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix Is Totally Faking It.

We have a runner up to the Winehouse Watch- the Phoenix Post. Catchy, eh? I love me some alliteration!
I know Joaquin Phoenix's hobo rap is a few days old, but you know, I'll post when I darn well feel like it.
Personally, I think Phoenix's crazy heroin addict downward spiral is a ruse of some sort... he is being followed around by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck for a "documentary" during his "retirement", and I have to think that this is all leading up to something, especially considering he keeps showing up at publicity functions... AND THEY KEEP LETTING HIM IN. Plus, if you were is brother-in-law, wouldn't you stage an intervention, rather than recording his antics for posterity? I mean, Casey Affleck has kids with Phoenix's sister.
So my theory: either Joaquin Phoenix is completely faking it, or this guy will eventually explode in a flurry of beard hair and old shoes. Either way, Birv is on the case.
Drunken rapping and JP taking a header below. Fall occurs around 2:01. I love watching the sycophants cheering this dude's apparent insanity.

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