Thursday, January 22, 2009

New TV! Wait... No. It's Just Like Everything Else.

I now have a crime procedural for every day of the week. That's...exciting. However, I love Tim Roth, have since Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (check it out- made of awesome), and so I felt obligated to give Lie to Me a try.

Lie to Me, Fox's new hour long crime drama based on a real dude (Dr. Paul Ekman), focuses on a crack team of "lie experts" that review body language to expose lies in criminal investigations.
It's mildly interesting, and I guarantee you everyone that watches this show will be testing out their brand new body language reading skills on their pals. The show is fairly unoriginal- senatorial sex scandals and teachers sleeping with students. However, last night was just the pilot, and I like to give new shows a few weeks to get their footing, so I'll continue to watch for the time being. It's just unfortunate that network tv is so in love with formulaic crime dramas and "average Joe" competitions... after a while they all run together. Lie to Me is no exception.

Loyal Blog Reader Also Beth asked me to review Howie Do It... that new Howie Mandel show, now that Deal or No Deal has blessedly gone to that great syndicated spot in the sky. I have to admit I haven't yet watched it, as I am completely perplexed by candid camera shows. Why are people so gullible? Who would think that someone would ACTUALLY send a singing telegram to a funeral? Why is the laugh track so painful? Why does Howie Do It have such a stupid title? Also Beth is as perplexed as I, and as a dutiful TV loser, I fully intend to watch and report. As soon as I figure out when it's on. Knowing America, it'll soon be on 5 nights a week and twice on Tuesdays, particularly if there is a monetary prize to be had. Stay tuned, Also Beth. Stay tuned. All will be explained.

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