Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beam Me Up... TO DANCING!

The new Star Trek comes out tomorrow, so you had to know today's Dancing Thursday was going to have an ST theme. I couldn't eat just one!!

On the one hand, Patrick Stewart is possibly the coolest man on earth, and Next Generation WAS my show (Wesley Crusher!! le sigh...), but on the other, a remix of Spock and Kirk...DANCING?

I love all my children equally. I had to post them both.


cat-fish said...

OK, just an fyi, I have had dibs on Captain Picard since the late 80's - I know, its creepy to have a crush on a man that's like 40 years older than you, but that's just how I roll, ai - aight? P.S., I am so there tomorry, be sure to let us know what you think! :) xoxo

cat-fish said...

Uhhh, "there" being, at a movie theater watching Star Trek, sans my love interest. :(

Cathy said...

I just peed a little. WHERE DID THESE COME FROM? Also.. "Q?!" is my most favorite aside EVER.