Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Your Cougar Running...

I've been laying off the Twilight madness recently, as nothing really new is out (filming shots bore me to tears, just give me the movie already), but the New Moon poster has surfaced... promising no shortage of Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker and chest hair from Mr. Pattinson. Click on the image to enlarge... you'll see what I mean. Our dirty little stoner is growing up!

I don't know if one can actually glean all this from a teaser poster, but does anyone else have the sense that this one may be better acted, simply from the greater emotion and less ridonk "topaz" eye Photoshopping?

Let's break it down. Plus one for the sepia tones, I'm digging those. Minus two for the blush and eye makeup on Edward. They have that dude wearing more makeup than Tammy Faye Bakker. Plus one for Jacob. He's looking pretty good... all clench-fisted and protective. Plus one for not changing Bella's wardrobe, despite a larger filming budget.
What do you all think? Will you see the next one? Yeah... you will. Don't lie.

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