Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There's Such a Thing as Going TOO Green.

Yeah... that's exactly what you think it is. Some looney toon at (a site I normally adore, think stylish craft ebay) set up her own shop called Randumosity in order to foist upon the world her idea of green living:

Etsy Eco-Tip: "Reuse, Reduce and Recycle"Using cloth menstrual pads will lessen your contribution to the landfill!
Added on May 4, 2009

Honestly? I know, I know...fact of life and all that, but the earth-burning Westerner in me begs you to consider the logistics: who wants this thing hanging around their drawer? Is flannel really that... absorbent? I think the thing that makes these so objectionable is the gaggingly cutesy "femininity" with which she chose the designs.

Here are some of the more disturbing fabric choices this ghastly woman made:

Just what we all love being referred to... especially during that special time.

I'm all for retro, but in this situation, Care Bears seem completely inappropriate.

This brings a new meaning to "Ants in your pants". I suspect this was made without a shred of irony.


cat-fish said...

UGGGGGHHHH, I'd rather go pantsless during my period.

Anonymous said...

If anything, disposable stuff is more of a trend than cloth pads - where do you think the term "on the rag" came from?

Also, I used to think it was really gross, too. Like, horribly. But I had to change to cloth pads when I had to wear disposable ones for 2 months and I got horrible diaper rash - I switched to cloth and it disappeared immediately. Wouldn't give them up for the world.

Also, she's not "foisting" her ideas - like I said, this has been around a long time. And I didn't do this to "go green" - I did this because I have horrid reactions to disposable pads.

But anyways - if something works for someone, why knock it? You don't have to buy her pads.

Anonymous said...

My favorite cloth pads were made out of sushi fabric. Mmm, sushi.

sweetpepper said...

I tried them.... and i made the switch. Sorry but the idea of putting PLASTIC & CHEMICALS next to my butt is far more ghastly then cloth!! they are GREAT way more compfy then store bought pads, and im saving a fortune too! I highly recommend cloth and her!! She is a great gal too. I dont even know if its about going green - cloth is just WAY more natural then plastic!

DariA said...

Giving your opinion on the product is one thing. Giving a biased and ignorant opinion is pathetic. But calling her a "ghastly woman?" That is nasty and uncalled for. Shame on you.

D said...

If you don't like them, don't use them. It's childish and ridiculous to whine and moan and go on about something YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE

Anonymous said...

This is not something she invented. It's actually very old and frankly very efficient.

Thousands of women use cloth pads. You should probably do a little bit more research before knocking it.

LMS said...

Well aren't you a judgmental twat! :-D

Melinda said...

If you're allergic to disposable pads, and tampons make you literally sick, this is a great option.
Wonder what you think of The Diva Cup or Cloth Diapers for that matter.

Anonymous said...

you know some people would rather do this type of thing when it came to that time of the month..Only close minded asses like yourself, would bash someone for trying to do something good for the environment and hope that others would follow, and if you were bright enough to look on website you would see that people do like the idea.. So don't knock people for doing something that is becoming more of a common thing. Your just mad that you couldn't figure out a easy way to make money. Oh wait, you have the brain of an ass hole..maybe you can invent an dildo on a stick, to go from your ass to in your mouth cause you sound like ass....back off..from an annoyed reader Danie

Anonymous said...

What gives you the right to call this woman names? what is so "ghastly" about them? what makes her a "looney toon"? Would you say that using cloth diaper on a baby is wrong? its the same principle. As someone previously stated, there phrase "on the rag" didn't come out of thin air and if you ever had problems with your cycle and had to wear regular pads for any length f time, you would know just how much more uncomfortable that time of the month could be. As far as the fact they are made of flannel, maybe you should read about them first, they are "constructed from 2 layers of flannel, an internal core of organic bamboo batting for absorption and a layer of PUL to make them waterproof."
As long as the user is tidy about it, cleaning them as directed and with in a timely fashion, what's the problem?

PS I wouldn't have them hanging around my drawer, they would be kept in the bathroom, where I would keep anything of that nature.

bear said...

I have been using reusable cloth pads for about 15years now. No worse than cleaning jizz off the computer chair or poop out of the cloth diaper.

To each their own!

Cristin said...

I think they are great, just as easy as cloth diapers and a great thing to have around after you have a baby...think about having plastic, chemicals and wetness close to your body...that's the gross option. Women I know that have used them postpartum say its the best option and how much better they feel on a sore bottom.
Being open minded is really a better way to look at life :)
I was happy to find her website, so glad someone out there makes them! my sewing skills are lacking! I say keep making them and I will keep telling people about them...Cheers to less feminine waste in our land fills :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the rest of the noters in regard to your appalling ignorance paired with some misplaced sense of self-importance. I take more offense at you foisting your ignorance upon the Blogger world than at her foisting her environmentally friendly (and cheaper!) products. This is hardly her idea and it's not like she is the only one who has ever 'foisted' such a good idea upon us--what did you think women used before the age of chemicals and plastic? Oh, right, that's the problem--you didn't.

Leah said...

Care Bear pads make a lot more sense when you realize that some girls, like my niece, start their periods as young as 10. My girls have not started yet but they love my cloth pads with owls and flowers and rainbows and look forward to the day when they get their own.
I have used cloth pads for over a year and detest having to use disposables now.

Anonymous said...

I think calling her a 'loony toon' just because you don't agree is a little RUDE! Many women love cloth pads as they are safer for our bodies and the environment. She also has a variety of patterns for different tastes. Maybe some women think having 'ants in their pants' is a hoot! Who are you to judge and call names???

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a hater! You are probably just mad that she won't make them in your size, and you have to go on using a blanket, car cover, or sheep. And I'm only assuming that you are a HUGE, nasty woman because you have nothing better to do with your time than post idiotic blogs. And I think it has something to do with the fact that you can't get out of your computer chair. I know it's easy to sit back at home and judge people anonymously, but how do you like it? Why don't you get off your big ass and get a job or something, and lay off the blogging for a while. Nobody cares about your opinion, or your mindless ramblings.

La Benner said...

WHOA! it seems it is getting a little hot in here!

to the commenter above, a very brave ms. anonymous, two wrongs do not make a right. you accuse this blogger of something which you yourself took over the top. perhaps you should consider how you appear to the outside world with your words; or, it seems you did which is why you could not be bothered to put your name on your statement.

to the blogger, your post was brash and blunt, but this seems to be your style. you may be completely unaware of the above comments, or you may just have a thick enough skin not to care. i sincerely hope it is the latter, to ensure you avoid hypocrisy.

i personally do not feel this blogger has an ignorant opinion. she/he openly admits to being an "Earth-burning Westerner".

however, i will be trying these fabric pads myself.

please, if you have an opinion at least be brave enough to put your name on it.

doodle N gabby said...

This girl you are bashing is a very close friend of mine. She has helped alot of women who cant and refuse to use the packaged pads and tampons. You may not agree with the idea but what right do you have to knock her like you did? And judging by her sales, a lot of females like the pads. Next time why dont you think about what you are writing in your blog. you just might end up with your foot in your mouth again. like i tell my kids- if you cant say anything nice, keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a big order from her and I couldn't be happier about it! I researched the switch to cloth pads for quite awhile before settling on her products. I love the cute and ironic materials. They are well-made and comfortable.

Most women are estimated to have 500 periods in their lifetimes. Rather than menstruation being the "monthly curse," cloth pads are helping many women embrace this part of their lives and to truly have a happy period.

I have no interest in name-calling. Perhaps consider a bit more thoughtfully before posting something quite to derogatory to a woman and her work.