Friday, December 5, 2008

Crap-pops and STD's

AHH! My dog... not exactly a lady on her best of days... has become 100 times grosser since the cold snap. I can't believe that I am discussing this on here, but I need group therapy. Daisy has started eating other dogs' poop! I don't know if they are a nice refreshing snack, a 'poopsicle' if you will, or if she feels she's just not getting enough sustenance at home, but this, if for no other reason, is a valid enough cause to pick up your dog crap every single time.

10 to 1 some of Daisy's recent tasty treats are from that annoying bitch that walks her dog off-lead every day, and yet darts to her dog and pulls it into the nearest alley when she spies Daisy and I walking from a block away, then proceeds to give me the stink eye the entire time I'm passing by her. Then again I just don't like her, so I'll pin anything on that one.

Anyway, I need a diversion. Lucky for me, the world has provided Amy Winehouse. Hooray!! The Sun has been reporting on her quite a bit in the last couple of days. Apparently, on Thursday, Methtaculous, who's been hospitalized for the last 10 days, received a farewell visit from her husband, who's headed back to prison after failing out of rehab. Apparently the couple wanted to give the hospital's disease control department a run for it's money and had some mad hospital bed sex. I shudder to think of these two bonybirds going at it.
Now today it's reported that Amy broke out of the hospital last night to "record some new music". BWAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA!!! Anyone remember the last time Amy Winehouse entered a recording studio? I do. It was October... no music was recorded, but the devil did give Amy drugs.

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