Monday, December 1, 2008

Schizo Showdown!

It looks like Amy Winehouse may soon have a fight on her hands to retain the title "High Priestess of Crazytown".

Britney Spears' new documentary aired last night, and despite the sycophantic laughter of the vultures that surround her, it's clear that her behavior is becoming erratic once more. Wow, that sounded so professional of me. Here's what I meant to say: you can tell she's bought a ticket on the Looney Express and will soon be lip-synching Womanizer nekkid at Whiskey A Go Go, slathered in Big Mac sauce.

In a scene filmed as she was making her video for comeback single 'Womanizer', Britney told friends: 'I'm going to write the man of my dreams on my arm.
'I'm going to get married next year and have babies. Watch!'
She later told how when she falls in love she 'can't get enough' and 'gives my all' to her man.

The pop princess said: 'That would be heaven for me, to have my kids on an island and a man and no-one could get to us.
'That's my thing. When I really love somebody I really love somebody. I give my all.
'I can't get enough. I need to be around them all the time.
'It's just the best feeling in the world when they give me that feeling.'
Britney teased she will eventually write a tell-all autobiography, saying: 'I will have a good book one day, a good mysterious book.'
She insisted she has no regrets - and told how she is avoiding the 'threatening situations' that have caused her such turmoil, declaring: 'I go through life like a Karate Kid.'
But the 'Toxic' singer broke down in tears as she lamented her 'lonely' life, despite apparently putting her public meltdown behind her.
She told how she feels too controlled and said: 'You can't really go there in a complete state of happiness because you're scared it's going to be taken away.'So it's better just not to feel anything at all and to have hope to feel the other way....
'When I tell people the way I feel they hear me, but they're really not listening.
'They hear what they want to hear. They don't really listen to what I'm telling them.
She started to sob as she added: 'It's bad. I'm sad.'

I, for one, am rooting for Amy Winehouse when the Barmy Battle of 2009 (I love alliteration!!) breaks out...mostly because Britney's got too many people that actually DO want to make sure she stays on her meds.

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