Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Does It Qualify for Lasik?

There is a limit to the love you can extend a pet. Does that limit include contact lenses?

The Daily Mail reports:

"Most contact lens wearers have had trouble putting them in their eyes at some point - so the idea of putting them on a cat might seem ridiculous.
But that is exactly what the owners of Ernest - a 15-year-old black and white cat - have found themselves doing.
And from these pictures the elderly moggie looks like he has plenty to purr about after the lens have transformed him from a squinting cat unable to see where he was going."
I have trouble getting a cat to maintain eye contact for 10 seconds- how do you even get a contact in it's eye??

Sidenote: BEST BARBIE EVER... and this post is dedicated to Also Beth, who once dressed as Tippi Hedron while eating fried chicken- because she knows no fear.

Go buy one!

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