Monday, December 29, 2008

How Was Christmas??

Huzzah! Christmas is over!!! A happy and fond bah humbug to you all!!! Ironically, now that the season of "giving" is over, the general public will likely become much more polite.
Now I just need to survive through New Years, and I can start going out again. The times that I feel the most obligated to do something social are the times that I am the least inclined to do so... is that a bad thing? Should I care? Mmmm... I'm choosing not to.
I'm not one for resolutions- I fail often enough, I don't feel the need to deliberately set myself up. Instead, I'll ask the question: what are we all looking forward to as we prepare to pop the cherry of a fresh new year?
The thing I'm most looking forward to in 2009 is that people only have one more year of saying "twenty-oh-nine". I hate when people say "twenty-oh-eight" or "twenty-oh-five". It totally bugs me... don't ask me why. At least "twenty-ten" makes sense. It is a blight on an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable Sunday morning when I watch CBS' Sunday Morning, as Charles Osgood ALWAYS says "twenty-oh-eight". He says it like seven times; I cringe every single time.
I'm also mad excited about Superstars of Dance... a new NBC dance show that pits various professional dancers from different genres against each other. I have no idea how the show works...are all the countries doing the same dances? Do people vote on the best dances, even though the dances are all going to be crazy different? Is it a competition at all? Frankly, I don't care- if I did I would read up on it. I'll let it be one of the many surprises the show is sure to offer. All I know and all I care about is that it is produced by the same people that do So You Think You Can Dance (odd it's not on Fox), and it features professional dancers (screw you, Dancing With the Stars), thus I don't care what the show involves, so long as I see me some Bollywood. It starts this Sunday... be prepared for a review!!! I know you're all as excited as I am.
Clearly I set my expectations for 2009 low. If you have something more profound (or not), by all means, let me know what you're pumped for!

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