Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Feel Cheated!

Gossip Girl, I'm disappointed in your epic FAIL of a stunt cast!! Last night had Nastia Luikin's big guest spot premiere... and it was literally 12 seconds of air time!! She just walked by Chuck Bass... her only line was a smile and to say "uh huh" at the Snowflake Charity Ball. I expected more from you, GG. I expected her to die in some tragic accident involving Blair in a drunken rage, pushing her off a balcony, or at the VERY least be one of the many Mona Lisa smiling ladies exiting Chuck's room in the morning. But NOOOO... you just have her walk by the camera. LAME.

You should have taken a page from One Tree Hill's book. They stunt casted people's NAMES. Remember when they kept throwing Pete from Fall Out Boy's name into the script? I don't even think he was ever on the SHOW and they managed to do a better job than you. They didn't even use his full name- they just kept calling him Pete from Fall Out Boy!!

Incidentally... Snowflake Charity Ball as the Page Six event of the season for high school seniors?? Hardly! It looked like 40 bored extras badly dancing in a sound stage. Your barwork is usually so much better than this tripe. Where are the hangers on? The velvet ropes? The entrance scenes, showing the un-invited rabble?

I also am perplexed by the "cruel prank" that Jenny pulled on Vanessa (by the way, J's eyeliner is starting to lighten up... back from rebel territory, after all?). Surely your writers could have come up with something better than Vanessa being backlit in a dress with *GASP* no lining! Come on- Britney Spears shows more vag than that while waiting in line at the Starbucks for crying out loud!

I'm feeling underwhelmed, GG. I didn't fight for dual tuner Tivo only to have you get all sweet and moral on me here. Let's do better next week. It DOES look like there's a funeral, and the hint that Chuck may be involved in his father's death, so you're showing some promise... let's not disappoint, ok?

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