Friday, September 12, 2008

Drill Baby, Drill!

Not to overshadow the birthday of my dear sis-in-law, but I have come across the funniest thing I have seen this political season. Well, being the funniest thing is actually a pretty easy accomplishment right now, since mostly this political season makes me want to cry.

Now, you too can purchase your own Sarah Palin doll- available in White House ready, Schoolgirl (wholly distubing), and Superhero. Lipstick on a pig, indeed.
I'm thinking of buying one so I can videotape my pitbull tearing it to pieces while wearing a "PrObama" shirt. I think various animal rights groups would support me against this stupid, vicious, pandering hick hunter... don't you?

Dude, get your own!

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Anonymous said...

This just in: I like you about 20% more now, which means that your Cool Points Rating has gone up at least 12 Megafonzies. --- Rachel