Monday, September 29, 2008

So much happens over the weekend...

And yet I am too lazy to update my blog at home. heh. Oh well. On to the wordy goodness.

Today's rant... if my f-ing uncle sends me one more "McCain and Palin are the salt of the earth" email, ESPECIALLY one that has any reference to Rush Limbaugh, I will pipe-bomb his car. Not really, since I don't know how to build a pipe bomb, and am a pacifist, but honestly. I have told him on more than one occasion that I do NOT want politically based emails being sent to me. Particularly pro-GOP emails. Hooray for McCain and Palin, they spotted and hugged a Down's Syndrome baby for a photo op. Good for you. Now tell me about the economy, bitches!!!

SPEAKING of politics... watched the debate on Friday. It was pretty inspiring. I particularly liked Obama's "Well I have a bracelet too." comeback. I didn't watch any of the post-debate breakdown, as I like to come to my own conclusions (Obama rocked it), but I did catch Brian Williams talking to some folks right after the debate... and I think that they are right- there is something that McCain personally dislikes about Obama. I felt that the first debate was pretty well matched (more so than I thought would be the case), but I feel that this was the strength that Obama had over McCain- he kept his mind and did not let McCain's "young whippersnapper" digs affect him, nor did he throw any "you're so old you ran against Jesus" snaps of his own.

While I'm still on the debate, is it just me, or does Jim Lehrer have the soul-less black eyes of the devil?
Last thing...I also want to talk about how much I looooove the Netflix. Not just because I have no cable and therefore my weekends would be completely boring without new movies, but because they're recommendations are so much fun. I always try and pick at least one of the "You may also like" movies when I put something on my queue (which is getting hard, since my queue is always at 500). It's like a little surprise each time. Wow... I lead a thrilling life.

ANYWAY...since I rented Pushing Daisies, this movie The Fall was recommended to me, because Lee Pace is in both.

Directed by Tarsem Singh, who also did The Cell, The Fall employs the same visual feastiness. However, whereas I thought The Cell was a self-important pile of dook (J-Lo as an actress never sits well with me), The Fall is simply gorgeous. The story is a fairy tale that Roy, a paralyzed stuntman in the 1920's is telling Alexandria, a 5 year old girl while they're both in the hospital, shown through the vivid imagination of the little girl. The fairy tale itself is beautiful: lush and exotic, but the relationship between Roy and Alexandria in the reality portions of the film are what ground this movie and make it beautiful and tragic.

This is probably one of those movies that only I adore (Fisher King... Joe vs. the Volcano, Toys), but I thought it was worth a shout out.

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