Monday, September 22, 2008


The biggest thing of note this weekend (aside from sis-in-law's return...glad you're home) is that the Cubs clinched the National League Central Division. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

FYI--The last time the Cubs clinched in back to back years was 1907 and 1908. I'm not saying... I'm just saying. (I am very excited).

This brings me to a new family rule... no photos of the family at the ballpark. I don't know what it is- overindulgence of the Bud Light, Big Brother's 70,000 pixel camera and bad angles, excitement to be at the game... for some reason, we all seem to end up looking like we're out on a day pass from the mentally challenged fat camp. BUBBLES!!!!!!

Now I know you were all totally hoping that the "special" pictures would be posted here. Hah. Those will never see the light of day, due to a blackmail-type truce. Just remember, Big Brother... I have the window to the world here.
To keep your blood bleeding Cubbie blue... below is a link to the new Eddie Vedder Cubs song... and I did get a little teary eyed!

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