Wednesday, September 10, 2008

look ma, I'm blogging!

So by popular demand (three people said they thought I was funny- more than enough for me), I have started a blog! I am actually excited by the notion that people care what I think. Frankly, I am even more excited about the fact that three whole people thought I was funny.
So my very first blog will discuss the name of said blog: Fonzipan. While I certainly adopt the way of the Fonz... the name comes from what is now known as The Great Cake Debate of 2008. I love rhymes!
The Great Cake Debate of 2008 (or TGCD08, if you ARE into the whole brevity thing) is a war between big brother and myself over what the name of the crap-tasting stuff that covers cake is... fondant or marzipan. (A word to the wise, never get drunk and pass a bakery on the way to see Mamma Mia.) I am totally right, and I am about to prove it.


a thick, creamy sugar paste, the basis of many candies.
a candy made of this paste.

a confection made of almonds reduced to a paste with sugar and often molded into various forms, usually diminutive fruits and vegetables. (or SCARY diminuitive babies! ahh!)
OK- maybe they're kind of the same thing. Except when you google fondant, you get all sorts of pictures of hella cakes, and not scary edible babies.
On a final note, I totally want to say that I am freaked out about the end of the world. The Associated Press published an article today that (mad) scientists in Geneva, Switzerland have reproduced a "Big Bang" using a Large Hadron Collider. I read the article and didn't understand a whole lot of that science-y stuff, except that they took really big particles and made them go boom. Below, the quotes that have me currently typing this from under my desk:
"Champagne corks popped in labs as far away as Chicago, where contributing and competing scientists watched the proceedings by satellite.
'Well done, everybody,' said Robert Aymar, director-general of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, to cheers from the assembled scientists in the collider's control room at the Swiss-French border."
Well hoo-dee-doo, crazy scientists. We all won't be clapping for you when you explode the world. Have a great, sunshiney day, everyone!


Cathy said...

Hoorah! I love your blog already! And if I'd been there I would have backed you up on the fondant!

Doug said...

i'll use the overused LOL... I AM TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT THE MARZIPAN!!