Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh Gossip Girl.

We all like things that we aren't proud of...I have to say that Gossip Girl has been, until recently, one of these shows. Given recent plot lines, I will hail my love of this show with reckless abandon.

Blair has been dating Marcus, who was hiding his true identity as an English lord (though his English accent sounds like I do when I'm drunk). Blair's ex, Nate, has been sleeping with an older, married woman, who is turning him into a man-whore because his father is fleeing the law and his assets are all frozen.

Older Married Woman turned out to be Marcus' step-mother, the Duchess. Turns out Marcus and Older Married Woman are ALSO sleeping together. Sexalicious!!!

The best part about this crazy love rhombus? Gossip Girl is about high schoolers who just started their first day of their senior year this season. The fact that these are meant to be 16 year olds makes this show utterly entertaining.

Say it loud and say it proud- Gossip Girl rules!