Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABC Has It In For Me.

I may actually have to start hating Scrubs, a show that I had previously enjoyed. Apparently, after airing the final season on NBC earlier this year, the show was rescued by ABC.

According to an allegedly leaked ABC mid-season schedule that was given to advertisers, Scrubs found a new home... IN THE SAME TIMESLOT AS MY BELOVED PUSHING DAISIES. Come on now... Scrubs had 7 years. J.D.'s commitment-phobia and blatant inability to function as a mature adult was understandable and relatable when he was fresh out of med school; at 34, it's sort of sad.

Supposedly, nothing is final, but with reports of my best friend Bryan Fuller thinking of returning to Heroes (which, admittedly would make that show more interesting again) and the sinking ratings of Pushing Daisies, I am really worried that the bell has tolled.

The leaked schedule can be seen on The Futon Critic here, which also shows the triumphant (?) return of According to Jim, scheduled for a full hour on Tuesdays. According to Jim? Really? More proof that TV and I have a truly abusive relationship. I hate TV so much sometimes, and yet I let it continue to hurt me.

TV Squad has an early review of the new episodes of the interloper here.

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