Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is it just me...

Is Fergie's face like a giant smear? I have never been one to find her attractive, but her face is like a bleary mess to me, all the time, like she's somehow out of focus. Even when she's not dressed in clothes she stole from a twelve year old, she looks... off.

Anyway, she's reportedly gained 13 pounds for a movie role (she acts?), apparently all in the chestal region. SMG actually looks somewhat frightened by the enormity of Fergie's boobs.
Being a member of the giant knocker club, I feel I need to sit down with Fergalicious and her stylist, and give her a couple of the key rules.
Rule #1) spaghetti straps and DD's don't mix... your tits look like they're trying to escape. Long hair does not substitute for sleeves.
Rule #2) the empire waist style only makes you look like a balloon.

This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by the Cleavage Centers of America. "The More You Know..."

I'll be posting again later... I'm so in love with David Rakoff that I feel compelled to talk about his book, which I am currently reading. Feel free to read it if you want, but it's mostly me being self-indulgent and giving book reviews for a three year old book. Plus I need to talk about something to keep my mind off the fact that Pushing Daisies was pre-empted AGAIN, this time for the Country Music Awards. While I knew this was coming, it still disappoints me. I'm going through whimsy withdrawal... I hate looking at life without the multi-chromatic lenses of Bryan Fuller.

Also- Twilight Countdown... 10 days!!!! God knows why I find this stoner attractive. Yet I somehow I do.

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