Monday, November 24, 2008

Young At Heart... and the Movie Theater

That's right, everyone. Here's the unveiling of the Twilight shirts. Mine is the one on the right, BFF's is the one on the left. I'm sure you'll agree we looked supercute, and I am proud to say we received many an appreciative nod from the 13 year old girls in the theater.
Let me set the scene for you- BFF and me, 80 teenage girls and four brave parents that drove their pre-teen girls. BFF and I were clearly the oldest people in the audience without any kids. I desperately wanted to sit next to Becky, a lovely girl we encountered in the snack line. Sadly, her pal Mindi called the seat.

The movie is terrible. Terribly AWESOME, that is!!! The movie is FAR superior to the book (not incredibly difficult to achieve), though there are enough subtle nods to the book in the film that will make the most devout "Twihard" squeal, including a cameo from author Stephenie Meyers (here's your fruit plate... STEPHENIE). In order to try and bring in a more diverse audience (not happening), director Catherine Hardwicke added a mystery storyline and more action scenes to the film than originally present in the book, which does wonders for streamlining the plot.

My review of the film itself is probably irrelevant-I'm sure most of you won't see it in the theater. I can understand not wanting to fight through hordes of hormonal teenagers swooning over Edward Cullen (and swoon-worthy he is). I am betting that you won't even cop to putting it on your Netflix list, though you totally should. It's ok. I know some of us have an image to uphold.

I know you'll secretly watch Twilight, doors locked on that one wet, sleety winter night when you know no one in the world would know you chose a teen vampire movie. I also know you're going to want to talk to someone about it, because it is embarrassingly the most super-cool. Just know, gentle reader, when that day comes, Birv is here.

Details about the trip and my devastation over the loss of Pushing Daisies to come.

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