Monday, November 17, 2008

Amy Winehouse Blasts Simon Cowell, Tries to Push Fan Into Oven

Apparently my girl Amy has been getting hopped up and watching marathons of The X Factor, which is the British version of American Idol.

STV reports:

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse launched into an incredible rant about The X Factor to a bemused fan who rang her doorbell.
The outrageous comments were allegedly recorded by a fan who pressed the intercom button at the singer's Camden home, according to a report in the News of the World.
X Factor judges Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell were the main targets of Amy's rambling tirade. She said: "Let me say one thing that is pertinent and I won't swear on it either. It's got nothing to do with Simon Cowell, although everything that's wrong in the world probably does.
"I mean he's the reason that all them hairdressers haven't taken their pictures out of the window since the Sixties."
Winehouse sensationally claimed that Cheryl Cole has the hots for her and that Louis Walsh was a "fool" who has no personality.
She said: "I love Cheryl, I love Cheryl. She fancies me I'm telling you."

The article goes on, but as I have no idea who the hell these people are outside of Winehouse and Simon Cowell, I'd wager you don't either and don't care.

I WOULD, however, like to know why on earth a fan is ringing her doorbell unprompted. That's like slathering yourself in marinade and knocking on the door of the gingerbread house.

Maybe that's the newest dare for English kids? Rather than peek through the windows of the crazy cat lady, you need to ding-dong ditch Amy Winehouse.

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