Friday, July 31, 2009

I Wasn't That Impressed This Week.

Apparently Daisy has more in common with Sis-In-Law than we ever thought, after she had an allergic reaction to SOMETHING, she ended up with a swollen face that made her look vaguely Asian. Two medications, a twice daily foot soak and 2-3 daily doses of Benadryl later, she's looking like herself again.

So, sorry I didn't get to post ON Dancing Thursday! I wasn't all that impressed with this week's So You Think You Can Dance anyway... a lackluster quickstep and hip hop dancing with your feet in boxes? You can keep it. The girls' Superhero group dance from Sonya was good- despite Nigel creeping out over Jeanine's overexposed cleavage. *shudder*

Since they didn't have any dances I rewound to watch again, I posted one of my favorite group dances, as re-danced on last week's results show: Ramalama. Wade Robson... you are one sexy piece of stage presence!

Since I'm posting after the results show... I won't reveal who is in the finale. I will say, however, I think they made a mistake with the men. I was excited to WATCH this week's finale- what a lovely surprise to see some of the best dances from last season, which was woefully ignored during last week's 100th episode celebration. Did anyone else think that some of the dancers were a touch rusty when re-dancing old favorites? I remember Mercy being so much tighter... and, well, Twitch actually dancing in it. Same with Joshua and Chelsea's tango- the steps just weren't as tight. The only dance that had the same impact was Bleeding Love... so I included the performance from last year here.


Caitlin said...

WAAAAAH! Well, you know why I'm crying - I agree with you about the men, and the women, I guessssss, they did it "right". Although there is a certain blonde that I've had my fill of. :P Oh well, I'm for some reason not too looking forward to the next week... I think I'm danced out for now.

cat-fish said...

oops I forgot my alias