Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sis in Law Asked: "WTF Is the Hot Tamale Train?"

Dancing starts at 2:43. I have a hard time saying this was my favorite dance of the night; unlike the last seasons of So You Think You Can Dance, nothing's really jaw-droppingly good. Or perhaps it's because this season's dancers are at such a level of amazing (outside of Jason and Caitlin- honestly, what do the judges see in these two that I don't?) that nothing really stands out.

But I have to say- Sonya's choreography is dark and broken, and I like that she challenges dancers not to be "pretty". Plus, it's to a zeigeisty Twilight so knew I would post it.

Sidenote: Does anyone else find it suspicious that Philip and Jeanine got a SECOND hip hop routine in 4 weeks? Also that the lone ballerina on the show drew the show's first ever classical pas de deux this week? Random drawing for dance style? I think not.


cat-fish said...

my favorite part of the night was when they showed Scott Bakula in the audience - was he quantum leaping to make sure his favorite dancers didn't get killed backstage during the show? we'll never know for sure... :)
It was either that or that dude in the fur hat sitting behind Jean Mark (the last choreographer)...
OK, since I am a Melissa and Ade fan, I have to say Ade was really good for not being a ballerina ;) And I agree with you about Jason and Caitlin - and I don't want to watch anything but hip hop out of those other two! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Birv said...

OMG! me too! ME TOO!!!!! I totally forgot to talk about the Scott Bakula/hipster appearances! I loved that stupid hipster with his fur cap and his dog collar.