Thursday, July 23, 2009

When Zombies Daaaaance

The dance starts at 5:01... the ONLY copy I could find thus far. I hereby stand corrected on Jason. Maybe it was just Caitlin that was holding him back, because he's impressed the heck out of me the last two weeks... especially in this number. J'ADORE.

Anyone else think they could have whittled this episode down to an hour? Four judges, four dances for each dancer... lots of patter from Cat Deeley- I'm thinking we could have cut out the entire first half and had a better show. It was a ballroom heavy set last night... and boy were the ballrooms almost universally boring. I am typically a fan of ballroom, but it seems that Melanie LaPatin and Tony Meredith were stuck in 1st gear last night... every single dance of the THREE they choreographed was slower than molasses.

I fear for Evan... when the judges ignore your style and begin talking about the fact that you are a poster child for "not everyone has to be a sex bomb", you know you're in trouble. As for the ladies... it's a tough call! Melissa, who I thought would probably be sent home due to her lack of following, ripped the judges panel (and me) to shreds last night with the cancerdance. I defy you not to cry when you watch it. SO... will she win sympathy votes for the cancer scarf?

If she does, my original top four, Janette, Jeanine, Brandon and Ade is unlikely to stand. What did you all think? Was the first half necessary? Did you fall prey to cancerdance emotional manipulation? Was there a point in having Ellen DeGeneres guest judge? Who's going home tonight? HOW ARE THEY GOING TO FIT IT ALL IN ONE HOUR?


cat-fish said...

I totally agree - Ellen was just to get ratings, and the first half of the show was totally unnecessary - I think Simon would agree with you. The cancer dance did leave me shedding a few tears, so she may make it to the top 6 (does Kayla have what it takes? - I think Jeannine may have edged her out, and Jeannette of course is staying till the end!)... but I have a feeling the top 4 will be Jeanette, Jeannine (maaaaybe Kayla), Brandon and Jason (I think Ade is not popular enough, even tho I think he's the better dancer)

cat-fish said...

WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! TOTAL UPSET!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! It was that darn cancer dance - I know it - I am shocked at who got the lowest votes. Shocked. I can't wait to leave this same comment tomorrow on your next blog post about SYTYCD - hahaha!