Thursday, July 9, 2009

Randi & Evan Are Toast.

It pains me to say it... but Randi and Evan's Samba? Kind of painful to watch. I think it should be Caitlin and Jason (I hate them!!). However, they were solid this week- Jason only mugged to the camera during his dance once, and for the first time this season, Caitlin actually had to rely on her dancing and not her gymnastics to get through a routine. The reason I think they should be booted is that they are one of a million contemporary dancers, and middling ones at best... especially when compared to Brandon, Kayla and Jeanine. The contemporary they did was good, but BORING.

Favorite dance of the night? Kayla and Kupono's, above. I cried... and watched it a couple of times. I was surprised that the judges seemed so lackluster about it- perhaps because it was such a painful subject? Anyone else surprised that they didn't take the chance to leap on Kupono's rehearsal breakdown, and the fact that he was so clearly barely holding it together during the critique?

How about Brandon and Janette, eh?? The Wade Robson piece below was one of two dances I rewound and watched again (the other being Kayla and Kupono's up above)... and that Argentine Tango was flawless!!

Cat-Fish is going to be mad at me, but Melissa and Ade didn't really blow my skirt up this week... despite the fact that the judges practically laid down at their feet. Then again, the judges pretty much found something to like about every single dance last night (with the exception of Kayla and Kupono's dances, as well as Randi and Evan's sizzleless Samba)- it was like watching week 1 all over again. Is it because they're splitting everyone up next week? Swan song praise?

What do you guys think? Did last night's show finally pay off in the dance department? Finally stop being boring? Do you think every single dance deserved to be told it was "AMAZING" and "SO STRONGLY DANCED"?

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cat-fish said...

Ok, ok, ok. I agree, the disco routine from Melissa and Ade was like watching slo motion after Brandon and Jeanette's - but I have to say my least favorite couple were Randi and Evan's dances or even Caitlin and Jason - they were just meh for me. Kayla and Kupono were great, as usual, but I would like to see less hair whipping out of her - haha! Their second dance was just ok, too. I was bored most of the time, but I'm excited to see next week - I think a lot of these dancers are better off alone...