Thursday, July 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance!

Oh Kupono. I REALLY wish you hadn't kinda sucked it up in your Paso Doble. You should be naked all the time, and I'm worried you're going home.

Jason redeemed himself for me, despite the fact that he feels the need to genuinely make out with every partner he has (remember that crappy Bollywood in the first episode?). He and Jeanine really did well with Travis' contemporary, so he's slightly redeemed.

Top dances of the night for me- Ade and Janette (I voted for you Janette!), above, and the Bollywood girls group dance, below. I also enjoyed the Hair tribute Melissa and Brandon did, though at the end they got so overwhelmed with fog you couldn't see them anymore. Also- I can't hear The Age of Aquarius without thinking of Steve Carell. Anyone else?


cat-fish said...

Yeah, at this point, I don't even care who wins, I like them all - except for maybe Randi - she just rubs me the wrong way, but maybe I'm just being a bitch - I'm not prejudice against short people, I swear!!! I probably tower over all of these girls anyways... I voted for Melissa, just because I love her for some reason, but I'm preeeety sure Janette or Kayla is going home with the grand prize! :) I'm sad this is going to be over soon - I can't wait for next season!!! I've enjoyed discussing it with you via blog :)

Birv said...

Me too!! you know we're going to keep talking next season too. AND Glee... so you better watch it!