Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Attack of the 3D Eyebrows

Since the cancellation of Pushing Daisies, I have been suffering from a severe deficiency in caterpillar eyebrows. Zachary Levi fills the void rather nicely. Le sigh.

Thusly, hooray for the return of Chuck last night!! Monday night at 7 pm is a traffic jam of awesomeness for Birv (House, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Superstars of Dance), and it causes me to have heart palpitations. How do I choose what to watch? I can only tape two shows on my TiVo!!! Chuck won out last night, as it had been off the air since the week before Christmas. Gossip Girl won out last night... well, just because (teacher/student sexytime? I'm totally watching). I figured I could Hulu House.

There were some notably giggle-inducing moments last night on Chuck: a few Arrested Development references (NO TOUCHING!) thanks to Tony Hale's winning guest spot as assistant manager of the BuyMore; Chuck being manhandled by some literal femme fatales (can you show someone's wang being groped on network tv?? Apparently you can).

However, the show wasn't really what I wanted to discuss here. Can we discuss why 3D camerawork gets trolled out every few years? From the recent (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) to the old (Ewoks: The Battle for Endor you know you remember it), 3D TV never, ever works... it just looks like everything is slightly out of focus. I spent most of last night's episode of Chuck thinking that my new glasses were the wrong prescription.

I'm no fan of stunt casting (take note, 30 Rock... no more Jennifer Aniston guest spots), and I can now definitively say that I'm no fan of stunt camera work. Let a show stand on it's own merit. Chuck is an entertaining, cleverly written show. It doesn't need stunts for ratings. Airing an episode in 3D is stupid. Who the hell has 3D glasses sitting around their house?

Sidenote- I never realized how scary Ewoks really were.


caitlin said...

Well, I almost was going to 100% agree with you, but then I realized I have 3D glasses lying around my house! Oh well. I also realized you will get your fill of caterpillar eyebrows at my house, if my little bro shows up - he looks very similar to that fellow on the Pushing Daisies show...and Michael Phelps smoking a bong, as stated before...:)

caitlin said...

Also, Greg Cella will be there, for more giant eyebrow love

Birv said...

I DO love the caterpillar eyebrows... so the boys better beware.

Anonymous said...

yub nub. ee chop yub nub.

There I said it.