Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Open Letter to the Technological World.

Hello Kittens,

Birv here. I understand that portable technology is a grand thing, and allows us to be in contact at times when we previously haven't been.
We must remember that there are certain times in which being in contact with people is still...taboo.
Do you remember when you lived in a house with a corded phone? Where was the phone located? Was it in the bathroom? It was not, was it?
That's right, there was a time where potty privacy was a deeply held belief. To many, including Birv, the bathroom is still a place where one can go to escape from the techno-saturated world. Some people don't like to have their every bathroom noise broadcast to your pals on the other end of the line, and we certainly don't care if you're going to a job fair, and whether or not Janice wants to go.
The joy of your phone being portable? It is NOT attached to you. You can leave it at your desk. The 2 minutes it takes for you to pee is a time that someone can wait for you to return the call.
Let's have a little Emily Post moment here: just because you CAN bring your phone into the bathroom doesn't mean you SHOULD bring it into the bathroom.
Thanks to Geekologie for the picture, and for (hopefully) understanding the laptop stays outside the potty.

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Joanna said...

Hahahahaha. Oh my god I HATE bathroom phone calls. It happened all the time when I worked where you do. This one girl there used to talk all the time on the toilet, but that usually meant she was taking a deuce. I don't get it. I really don't want to talk to anyone when I'm on the can, why does everyone else?