Thursday, February 12, 2009

Andy Kaufman You Are Not!

As Amy Winehouse is still off shooting up in a hotel room in St. Lucia and Britney Spears' dad is still crushing up her lithium and baking it into her food, Joaquin Phoenix remains insane for our entertainment purposes, and is promoting his new, "final" film, Two Lovers, co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

Phoenix appeared on The Tonight Show last night, and David Letterman seems clearly befuddled by Phoenix's homage to a weird mix of Bill Murray, Andy Kaufman and the guy who begs for change at the Irving Park exit of 90/94. I still don't get why people are laughing, but I suppose it's better than 10 minutes of a stony-faced audience. It's the same reason people laugh at funerals, I guess. I'm almost beginning to wonder if some of this absurdity stems from Phoenix just not wanting to promote this film...or wanting to, if you think that crazy press is good press. Just remember, JP, faking your own death is a crime, so think about that before you decide to end your "rapumentary" by overdosing on a mix of heroin and Thorazine.

Skip to about 8:29 to see Joaquin Phoenix start swearing at Paul Shaffer. Let this be a lesson: I would think twice about laughing at him... he may set the birds that live in his beard on you.


Caitlin said...

mmmm, don't they do a run through prior to the actual taping? seems like he's trying too hard to be weird. It does seem like the audience is doing the "nervous laughter" thing - sometimes they would laugh at the strangest times? I kind of feel for Joaquin in a way. It does seem suspicious that he is making a big to-do about "leaving acting"... I don't know, I do agree he is no Andy Kaufman, that's for sure...but I think Andy Kaufman was actually a little crazy. This could just be for fun. It is fun to be crazy sometimes.

caitlin said...

I said "it does" and "do" a lot in my last comment. I need to get a thesaurus next time I leave one of these things.

Blogger Blogenstein said...

He's a fake!!

Birv said...

A) I wonder if it IS scripted... Caitlin, you may be onto something here.
B) Is there another word for does/do?