Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pirate Lord Joaquin Phoenix Defends Career Change, Hopes to Drag Dermot Mulroney Down With the Ship

Blog bless the Captivate Network. You know...the tv's you find in your elevator. That little sucker tipped me off to a Phoenix Post update!! Good thing too, Amy Winehouse has been really quiet of late, despite having her home robbed. I'm hazarding a guess that she may be dead, but still walking around St. Lucia, Weekend At Bernie's style.

Munchbeard Phoenix recently spoke to a number of reporters regarding his career change to music, according to Rolling Stone. On being asked whether or not his bid for rap stardom was all just a weird ruse:

“I would say the people who said that this is all a hoax are clearly somebody
who is an old friend, or somebody that I worked with on music,” Phoenix
responded. “I’ve worked with a lot of people on music in the past, and often
times those things don’t work out. Sometimes you have some bad blood between
people, and that’s all that I imagine where it comes from.”

He is also hoping to create the new dance craze, classico-rap megafusion:

He also expressed an interest in getting actor Dermot Mulroney to guest on his
album (”He’s an amazing cellist”), which would officially be the weirdest cameo
in rap history. Phoenix thus far has 10 songs for his album, but admitted,
“Three of them I think are really good, including one called ‘Can I Get a
Refund?’ and one called ‘If You’re Going to San Francisco.’ The others I think
are pretty crap but I’ll work on them.”
I'm still calling shenanigans on his oddball behavior of late. As Rolling Stone also pointed out, this press conference was being filmed by Casey Affleck for the "rapumentary":

Keep in mind, though, that even Phoenix’s interview was filmed by two cameras,
including one that was being held by actor Casey Affleck, Phoenix’s
brother-in-law that is filming Joaquin’s pursuit of a rap career for a
I'm not saying Grizzly Bill up there isn't crazy. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that one needs to be at least moderately chemically imbalanced to work in the film industry. *coughChristianBalecough* I just think that this entire thing smacks of artifice. Stay tuned. You know I'll be on top of it.



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