Friday, October 24, 2008

Damn the little petri dishes.

I hate being sick. Let me re-phrase that. I LOATHE being sick, with the burning intensity of 10,000 suns.

Feeling moderately oogie, in which one can still enjoy a peaceful day at home watching movies, is ok. Being huddled in the center of your couch wearing every sweatshirt you can find, under two blankets praying that the vicoden you scrounged up will take effect so that you can fall asleep and not have to think about swallowing because it hurts sucks big donkey balls.

Such was the past two days for me. Today, while I feel better, I still feel crappy, and I'd rather like being at home and sleeping. Not in the stars. One still needs to keep gainfully employed.

The alarming thing, mom, sis-in-law and I all had the same thing, at the same time. Since we were all at the same party on Sunday and got sick at the same time on Tuesday, I'm blaming the little petri dishes, aka the nieces. Particularly the one that wanted to blow her nose on my shirt, for some unknown reason. I'd like to think that she didn't, because I told her that was beyond gross, but who knows? She's six. I wouldn't put it past her.

Along with passing in and out of sleepy consciousness, I suffered a fairly devastating TV blow yesterday. I opened my digital TV converter box and read the instructions, only to find out that the stupid thing won't work with Tivo... the whole reason I got it, since I do in fact have a digital TV. *GASP!* I should have realized that when my dad gave me the Tivo it would have a limited term of use.

God love him, the man has never given me a gift of his own volition that was something that hasn't become obsolete and replaced in his own home... my first computer (Windows 3.1) and the enormous bag phone I recieved for my high school graduation, both of which he asked me to return at the end of summer (ironic, since the phone was supposed to be my safeguard for trips to and from school in St. Louis), the digital camera that takes no more than 6 pictures, and most recently the analog Tivo box that will go dark with the digital conversion in February. It's the thought that counts, I suppose. You have to smile at the effort.

Until February, I will use my Tivo with gratitude. It taped Pushing Daisies for me this Wednesday, which was appreciated, since I was finally passed out by that point. Good show this week... on the naughty side!! I appreciate more and more that while the show is sweet and unassuming, there is a subversive current to it that tempers what could too often be saccharine. It's what I love most about Bryan Fuller's shows. There's a lot of hope and positivity in his shows, tempered with a matter-of-fact view of death, pain and emotion. I think I love Olive's character the most, as main characters go. Perhaps it is the fact that I too have felt the pang of unrequited love so many times before (college was hell- Tyson, Steve, I have forgotten neither of you). I think it is more likely that I love her perpetually perky demeanor that covers that slightly snarky core.

Best lines of the week:

Emerson: "I'll be dental dammed."
Callista Cod: "With a girl like that you probably should be."

Chuck:"I thought you were supposed to be my king-sized duvet of comfort!"
Ned: "Selfishly, I would duvet you right here and now if I could".

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