Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Presidential Beer Pong

I think that the key chug word tonight will be "fundamental".

I wonder if the gloves will really come off during this debate. With the media supersaturation and 24/7 surveillance of the candidates, Americans tune in, expecting confrontation and drama, as though daring the candidates to make in person the wild accusations that they fling out so carelessly at fundraising and partisan rallies.

I think we'll be disappointed if we head in looking for drama. It appears in the last few elections(this one in particular) that the debates are the last arena of politics in which the candidates act like intelligent, civilized human beings and actually discuss political issues, leaving elitism, racism, age and gender bias out of the picture. Sadly, it makes for boring TV.

I try to avoid 24/7 media... in my mind, the mudslinging and snide comments do little to further any party, and I am somewhat soured on both sides when that fateful Tuesday hits. Of course, far more so by the Republican party, who seems to think that smear campaigns easily take the place of socially responsible political viewpoints. The debates show me where the candidates stand, and in reality, that is what I look for in a president.

Wow. That was deep. In order to counteract this, here's a funny picture of some weird toys:

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