Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am irrationally angry today.

So I missed the debates, my Tivo didn't record them, and my new haircut, while having the potential to be really cute on a good day makes me look like a damn Popple because it's raining.

So maybe my rage is not so irrational. On the plus side, Pushing Daisies is tonight. Better yet, it is set in a CIRCUS!!!!!

In reality I am terrified of the circus. Clowns are completely sinister, and the animals just make me sad. But I do love the idea of the circus and sideshows of the Victorian and Dust Bowl eras.

There's something totally romantic and mystical about daring women on horseback and acrobats completing extraordinary and intricate feats with grace and perfection. I am hoping that my desire to ram people with my car will fade tonight while I watch Pushing Daisies, CSI: NY and America's Next Top Model. Sidebar: SOOO happy that Clark girl is gone. Cocky little witch.

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