Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm feeling a little better today.

I still want to run other drivers off the road, but I have stopped having fantasies of hitting pedestrians with my car... mostly my co-workers. There are a few exceptions, but not many today. Maybe it's the lack of fat in my diet that's making me cranky... maybe it's the fact that my hair, while starting to settle down, still looks like a wig. One more day like this and you can shave my head, call me Britney and name me the Mayor of Crazytown.

So. TEEEEVEEEEEE. Pushing Daisies last night was in delightful form. Mime vans! Walking carnival prizes! Clown car jokes! Pigbee, the truffle finding pig! Best line of the night: "Do you know how the mind works? You say 'monkey in a bell-hop suit driving a car', I think monkey in a bell-hop suit driving a car!" I am so excited for next week- mainly because Chuck is going undercover in a convent using the name Sister Christian. EEEEEE!

I think that my favorite character is fast becoming the coroner, much like Kiffany was one of my favorites in Dead Like Me. While George and Ned both are the odd man out in the center of a crazy world, Kiffany and the coroner fill the role of the ultimate straight man. Nothing affects them, and their lack of reaction is a constant source of entertainment for me.

By the way, what the hell happened to Bittersweets Taffy Emporium? Does anyone else feel like there are some loose ends from last season? Paul Reuben's Oscar Vibenius was on the trail of Chuck's secret, and Molly Shannon's Dilly Baldwin murdered her brother's killer, dumped him in a lake and went back to having no fear and selling that best of bittersweet trifles- saltwater taffy. Is that over? Are they coming back?

BUT WAIT- we're not done with TV delights! I swear, Wednesday is the best TV night ever- if they moved The Office to Wednesday, my head would explode. Biggest Loser was on! I'm going to say it...I don't care about these people as much as I have in the past. I think it's because they aren't showing the work that they are doing to lose weight- Biggest Loser's sole function seems to be product placement; "let's all go to Subway, where you have a whole menu of healthy choices!" "Did you know you could get these subs for $5??" "It's nice to know that I can still be healthy AND quick and convenient." If they start scripting these people anymore, I'm going to think they're wearing fat suits.

The other problem I'm struggling with is that these people are disappointed when they lose 5 pounds in a week, and the trainers border on punitive. I understand that it's a competition, but that's crazy! The show seemed a lot more supportive in past seasons. Plus, I am tired of these people blubbering. Yes, it's emotional, yes, it sucks to be separated from your newly-wed husband, but Heba was driving me NUTS with the sobbing last night. Maybe they should just turn off the mics when the people are hugging... I'm not much for overt displays of emotion.

Yes, I DO have a black hole where my heart should be. Why do you ask?

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