Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm a political zeitgeist!

So my voter fatigue abated last night after Obama delivered a roundhouse kick to McCain's teeth.

I have to give sick props to Bob Schieffer... he dared to ask the question that I wanted to know- "would you say these nasty things to each other's faces?" Perhaps The Schieff is a Fonzipan subscriber?? (Or perhaps it's because his 100 years on Face the Nation have prepared him to stick political candidates to the wall... whatev.) KUDOS, Mr. Schieffer, you old cooter.

McCain was, in my eyes, an epic FAIL in last night's debate. He came across as a cranky, irritable old man with little tolerance and even fewer plans for his presidency. With the eye-rolling, his huffing, puffing old man noises, the constant interruptions, I half expected him to holler out at Obama to stay off his lawn.

I was also waiting for him to somehow bring Joe the Plumber into the Roe v. Wade debate topic. Maybe Joe the Plumber's teen daughter got knocked up and is choosing to keep the baby? Oh wait... that's his running mate. You know, when I think about it, I wonder if Joe the Plumber's last name is "Six-Pack".

As McCain wandered off-topic seven times (yes, I counted), he confirmed to me that McCain has ideas, and Obama has PLANS. The response where this was most notable was during the education discussion, as Obama laid out a clear plan about both charter school and a $4,000 college credit per year in exchange for volunteer service. McCain could only state that we "need to get loans out there", and point to existing programs, such as Troops to Teachers (great idea- a PTSD teacher and 30 screaming 8 year olds) and Teach for America. His discussion about private school vouchers made me ill... especially when he damaged his own strategy by pointing out that only 1,000 vouchers were given and 9,000 families applied for them in Washington D.C. So sure, it works great for those 1,000 people, but what about the 8,000 that didn't receive them, and the hundreds of thousands of families that weren't even eligible for the program?

As McCain ended with snide remarks ("even though there's not enough [vouchers], you want to abolish that plan. Even though it's working. I see."), I was amazed by Obama's patience. There were several times that, as Obama, I would have turned to McCain and shouted "Shut your stupid face, you pompous idiotic windbag!!" This further cements the idea that I could never be a politician.

But enough about the debates... it's on to PUSHING DAISIES BREAKDOWN!

No other show makes me give a fangirl SQUEEE like Pushing Daisies. I think last night's was probably one of my favorites. The names (Father Eduardo De Donde, Mother Mary Mary, Sister Christian)!!

The visual gags (Ned stuffing his face! Ned gazing at the truffle! Ned and Emerson carrying wall sconces instead of flashlights/candelabras)!!!

The foul-mouthed nun!

NUN PUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back in black, Nun on the Run... oh too beautiful.

Favorite Lines:

Mother Mary Mary: "Sister Christian is nothing but a heavy-petting power ballad."
Emerson: "We are motoring..."

Olive:"CD's! Magazines! Top Shelf Fem Care! This stuff is all forbidden!"

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